We focus on being healthy; use fresh, personally grown veggies and raw food became a part of the goal. We are not raw foodies but we just love raw food and try hard not to have industrial packed goods. As the ingredients are fresh you don’t need to do so much they are just tasty as they are in nature. Therefore raw food is the most delicious food in world and it is healthy too.

Hale studied Agricultural Engineering so we are lucky to have her and Selin is attending raw food classes and trying lots of great recipes that you will enjoy. The most important is the family supporting us which you will not see them actively in the blog. They are the heroes of the background.

So whether you came to find out new raw food recipes or want to lose weight, avoid disease, have delicious meal… whatever it is we will share great recipes that we have tried many times and get perfect results.

Sometimes it is difficult right; there are cases like we cannot ignore having an ice cream or chocolate. As preparation of raw and vegan food takes time, my chocolate crises doesn’t wait that much. Forgive meL

We will share great healthy recipes as well as continue baking for the rest of the family. Forgive dad and mum as they are not a fan of raw food. They taste, comment and continue to have their deliciously baked chicken in oven, rice and creamy mushroom soup.

Hello World. We are excited to share our recipes and tips with you.

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